International Workshop on
Luminescent Materials 2013


November 14-15, 2013, Kyoto, JAPAN

Invited Speakers

Plenary Talk

  • Pieter Dorenbos (Delft TU, NL):
    "Vacuum referred binding energies of lanthanide and transition metal impurities in compounds"

Invited Speakers

  • Bruno Viana (Paris Tech, FR):
    "Novel hybrid LED based on ZnO-nanowire"
  • Yoichi Kawakami (Kyoto U, JP):
    "Impact of crystal orientation on InGaN-based efficient visible light emitters"
  • Yasufumi Fujiwara (Osaka U, JP):
    "Local-structure dependent energy transfer from the host to Eu ions in Eu-doped GaN"
  • Jean-Luc Adam (Rennes U, FR):
    "Rare-earth-doped non-oxide glasses and glass-ceramics"
  • Philippe F. Smet (Ghent U, BE):
    "Mapping of thermal quenching and luminescence lifetimes in phosphors at the microscopic level"
  • Chao Liu (Wuhan U of Tech, CN):
    "Distribution of rare-earth ion in glass-ceramics"
  • Takunori Taira (IMS, JP): "Giant micro-photonics for laser ignition"
  • Satoshi Kuretake (Murata Mfg. Co.,Ltd., JP):
    "Bismuth-doped Transparent Pyrochlore Ceramic Phosphors with Broad-Band Emission"
  • Yoichi Sato (IMS, JP):
    "Micro domain control for anisotropic laser ceramics"
  • Giuseppe Pezzotti (Kyoto IT, IT):
    "Screening the oxygen sub-lattice in amorphous and crystalline oxides: stoichiometry and stress state at the molecular scale"
  • Tadatsugu Minami (Kanazawa IT, JP):
    "Oxide semiconductor hetero-junction solar cell"
  • Hiroyoshi Naito (Osaka Pref U, JP):
    "Temperature dependence of thermally activated delayed fluorescence from 4Cz-IPN for highly efficient organic light-emitting diodes"
  • Kazuyoshi Ogasawara (Kwansei Gakuin U, JP)
    "Effects of covalency and charge transfer on the 4f-5d transition energy of Ce in oxides"
  • Masayoshi Mikami (Mitsubishi CRC, JP)
    "Theoretical approach for white-LED (oxy)nitride phosphors : status quo"
  • Yoshiyuki Inaguma (Gakushuin U, JP):
    "Development of UV emitting phosphors in terms of host materials and activator ions"
  • Kazushige Ueda (Kyushu IT, JP):
    "Tb3+ and Gd3+ luminescence in CaMO3(M=Sn,Zr,Hf) perovskites"
  • Masashi Ishii (NIMS, JP):
    "Atomic-scale distortion of optically active Sm dopants determined by site-selective X-ray absorption spectroscopy "
  • Kazuhiko Hara (Shizuoka U, JP):
    "Chemical vapor deposition of hexagonal boron nitride and its luminescence"