Invited Speakers

Plenary Speakers

  • Minoru Tomozawa (Rensselaer PI, NY, USA)
    "Effects of Water on Glass Properties"
  • Masataka Nakazawa (Tohoku Univ.,  Sendai, JP)
    "The EDFA Odyssey"
  • Hideo Hosono (Tokyo Tech, Tokyo, JP)
    "Electride Glass: heroic role of electron anion"

Invited Speakers of General sessions

  • Martin Richardson (Univ. Central Florida, FL, USA)
    "Glass and ceramics challenges for the next generation of high power lasers"
  • Jacques Lucas (Univ. Rennes, Rennes, FR)
    "Rare Earths Doped Sulfur Glasses for CO2 Sensing"
  • John Ballato (Clemson Univ., SC, USA)
    "Materials solutions to parasitic effects in fiber lasers and amplifiers - towards the perfect optical fiber"
  • Shibin Jiang (Advalue Photonics, AZ, USA)
    "High Peak Power Fiber Lasers and Their Applications"
  • Kathleen Richardson (Univ. Central Florida, FL, USA)
    "Optical Glass Ceramics for GRIN - engineering microstructure for optical function"
  • Jong Heo (POSTEC, Pohang, KR)
    "Clustering of rare-earth oxides in PbS quantum dots precipitated in glasses"
  • Yasutake Ohishi (Toyota TI, Nagoya, JP)
    "Supercontinuum and parametric amplification using soft glass highly nonlinear optical fibers"
  • Mathieu Allix (CNRS, Univ., Orle'ans, FR)
    "Recent progress in transparent ceramics synthesized by full crystallization from glass"
  • Junji Nishii (Hokkaido Univ., Sapporo, JP)
    "Behavior of alkali and alkaline-earth ions in silicate glasses under DC voltage application"
  • Masahiro Tatsumisago (Osaka Pref. Univ., Sakai, JP)
    "Glass-Based All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries"
  • Wolfram Höland (Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Schaan, LI)
    "Combination of different properties in glass-ceramics via controlled nucleation and crystallization of different crystal phases"
  • Takunori Taira (Inst. Molecular Sci., Okazaki, JP)
    "Giant micro-photonics for energy solutions"
  • Kohei Soga (Tokyo Univ. Sci., Tokyo, JP)
    "Design and Application of Ceramics Nanoparticles for Near Infrared Biophotonics"
  • Pierre Lucas (Arizona Univ., AZ, USA)
    "Chalcogenide Glasses for Infrared Photonics"
  • Hiromitsu Kozuka (Kansai Univ., Suita, JP)
    "A new class of glassy materials composed of chemically modified metal oxo-oligomers"
  • Francesco Gonella (Ca' Foscari Univ., Venezia, IT)
    "The science of glass and the art of glassmaking: still an entwined story"
  • Younes Messaddeq (Univ. Laval, Quebec, CA)
    "Advances in Glassy Materials and Multifucntionnel optical fibers"
  • Gerhard Fasol (Eurotechnology Japan K.K., Tokyo, JP)
    "Puzzles of Glass"
  • Seiichi Suda (Shizuoka Univ., Shizuoka, JP)
    " Chemical mechanical polishing of glass"

Glass Industry Session of GIC12 ; "Glass Melting"

  • Manoj Choudhary (Owens-Corning Science & Technology, OH, USA)
    "Glass Process and Product Innovation through Computational transport Phenomena"
  • Reinhard Conradt (RWTH Aachen Univ., Aachen, GE)
    "A scaling-up strategy from lab experiments towards the industrial melting process - process optimization and glass development"
  • Hisashi Kobayashi (Praxair, CT, USA)
    "Thermochemical heat recovery for oxy-fuel fired glass furnaces "OPTIMELT PLUS" technology"
  • Irene Peterson (Corning Inc., NY, USA)
    "Reaction Kinetics During the Batch-to-Melt Conversion"
  • Osamu Sakamoto (Asahi Glass, Yokohama, JP)
    "In-flight melting technology"
  • Masataka Kawaguchi (Nippon Electric Glass, Otsu, JP)
    "Role of fining agents in glass melting process"
  • Toru Sugawara (Akita Univ., Akita, JP)
    "Heat capacity and thermal expansivity of glass melts"