The 2nd International Workshop on
Luminescent Materials 2015


December 12-13, 2015, Kyoto, JAPAN

Invited Speakers

Plenary Talk

  • Peter A. Tanner (HKIEd, HK)
    "Lanthanide and Transition metal Ions: Theory and Experimental results"
  • Andries Meijerink (Utrecht U, NL)
    "Understanding energy transfer in lanthanide doped (nano)materials"

Invited Talk

  • Marek Grinberg (Gdansk U, PO)
    "Coexistence Eu2+ and Eu3+ luminescence; two sites or single site emission ?"
  • Mikhail Brik (Tartu U, ES)
    "A d3 story"
  • Anant A. Setlur (GE Global Research, US)
    "Concentration quenching in LED phosphors"
  • Philippe F. Smet (Ghent U, BE)
    "Escape from the trap: trapping and detrapping processes in persistent phosphors"
  • Katsuhisa Tanaka (Kyoto U, JP)
    "Localized surface plasmon resonance-assisted luminescence in nanostructured metal system"
  • Masashi Ishii (NIMS, JP)
    "Optoelectronic communications with GaN:Eu red LED: Messages from atomic scale emission centers"
  • Kenji Toda (Niigata U, JP)
    "Morphology control of phosphors using novel water assisted solid state reaction"
  • Yasufumi Fujiwara (Osaka U, JP)
    "Towards highly efficient wavelength-stable red light-emitting diodes using Eu-doped GaN"
  • Yoshiyuki Inaguma (Gakushuin U, JP)
    "Revisit to Pr-doped perovskite-type oxide phosphors"
  • Shintaro Ida (Kyushu U, JP)
    "Direct imaging of light emission centers in Ca2-xTbxTa3O10 nanosheets and their luminescence and photocatalytic properties"
  • Koichi Okamoto (Kyushu U, JP)
    "Plasmonics towards high-efficiency light-emitting diodes"
  • Takeshi Tayagaki (AIST, JP)
    "Photoluminescence study of nanostructured solar cells"
  • Shin-ichi Todoroki (NIMS, JP)
    "Fiber fuse behavior veiled in its strong light emission"
  • Kazuyoshi Ogasawara (Kwanse-gakuin U, JP)
    "Nonempirical construction of multiplet energy diagrams for Mn4+ in oxides with Oh, D4h, D3d site symmetries"
  • Kazushige Ueda (Kyushu IT, JP)
    "UV luminescence from Gd doped oxide thin films"
  • Hiroyuki Yoshida (Chiba U, JP)
    "High resolution and damage-free inverse photoemission spectroscopy: A new method to examine the unoccupied states of organic materials"
  • Yixi Zhuang (Xiamen U, CN)
    "Controlling trap depth by aliovalent substitution in some oxynitride persistent phosphors"
  • Mamoru Kitaura (Yamagata U, JP)
    "Absorption spectroscopy on shallow electron traps in SrAl2O4:Eu crystals induced under ultraviolet light irradiation"
  • Melvin ten Kate (NIMS, JP)
    " Lanthanide luminescence in a boron containing nitridosilicate"
  • Masayoshi Mikami (MCHC RDSC, JP)
    "Theoretical chemistry approach for LED phosphors:examples from some (oxy)nitrides"
  • Ka-Leung Wong (HKBU, HK)
    "Emissive and biocompatible lanthanide materials for imaging and inhibition of key cancer cell cycle regulators"
  • Jian Zhang (Jiangsu Normal U, CN)
    "Polycrystalline Ce:YAG ceramic phosphor for powered-LED applications"
  • Shunsuke Fujita (NEG, JP)
    "Phosphor-glass composites for solid-state lighting"
  • Enrico Trave (Venezia U, IT)
    "Broadband Sensitizers for Er3+ luminescence emission at 1.54 μm"
  • Hiroyoshi Naito (Osaka Pref. U, JP)
    "Optical properties of thermally activated delayed-fluorescence emitters for highly efficient organic light-emitting diodes
    - importance of higher triplet excited states -"