Setsuhisa TANABE


Prof. S.Tanabe

Professor, Dr.
Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies Division of Materials Function, Kyoto University
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501, JAPAN
Phone: +81-75-753-6832
Fax: @+81-75-753-6694
Email: tanabe.setsuhisa.4v(α)
Birth: June, 1963, in Nagoya

Major Roles in Academic Societies


Education and carrer

1982-1986Department of Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering,
@Kyoto University, Received
1986-1990Division of Industrial Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering,
@Kyoto University, 1988 M.S. degree. 1993 Ph.D.
1990-2001Department of Materials Chemistry, Faculty of Integrated Studies,
@Kyoto University, Assistant Professor
1996-1997Visiting scientist, Rutgers University, Department of Ceramics,
@Fiber Optic Materials Research Program
2001-2008Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies,
@Kyoto University, Associate Professor
2008-PresentKyoto University, Professor
2010Visiting Professor, University of Rennes
2016Visiting Professor, Chimie Paris Tech CNRS
2019Visiting Professor, University of Gdansk


1988 Material Research Society, International Congress on Advanced Materials: Young Scientists and Engineers Awards.
"Effect of mode of formation on the state of Fe3+ ions in glass".
1990 Treatise Award for Advanced Technology of Nihon Industrial Newspaper, from Minister of Education, Science and Culture of Japan. "Design of glass materials desired for the next photonic technology".
1993 The Chemical Society of Japan, Special Lecture Award for Young Scientists.
"Analysis of upconversion mechanisms in rare earth containing glasses and design for highly efficient materials".
1994 Research Award of Inoue Foundation for Science.
"Optical properties and structure of rare earth containing glasses."
1995 Research Award by Research Foundation for Opto-Science and Technology.
"Design of rare earth containing glass materials for infrared-to-visible upconversion utilizing 4f electronic transitions"
1996 Young Scientists Award, The Ceramic Society of Japan.
"Studies on local structure and optical properties of rare earth containing glasses"
1998 Young Scientists Award, The Chemical Society of Japan.
"Design of optical functions and ligand field analyses of rare earth laser glasses"
2002 G.Adachi Award, The Rare Earth Society of Japan,
"Control of 4f-electronic transition probability in optical amplifiers for WDM telecommunication and develpment of broad-band materials"
2003 Marubun Research Award
"Design of Rare Earth Doped Glasses for Optical Amplifiers enabling Broad-band Telecommunication"
2009 Academic Award, The Ceramic Society of Japan
"Development of Rare-Earth Doped Novel Luminescent Materials by Structural Control of Glass and Ceramics"
2012 2011 JCerS Best Paper Award, The Ceramic Society of Japan
2012 W.E.S. Turner Award, International Commission on Glass (ICG)
2018 2017 Best Paper Award of J. American Ceramic Society, The American Ceramic Society
2018 Varshneya Frontier of Glass Science Lecture Award, The American Ceramic Society
2020 SPIE Fellow, The International Society for Optics and Photonics.
2021 ACerS Fellow, The American Ceramic Society